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Turbocharger Specialist-TS16949 Certified Manufacturer

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Turbocharger working principal

Author : Date : 12/26/2014 9:43:03 AM
Turbocharger working principal 

Turbocharger uses the exhaust emissions of a certain pressure from the diesel  engine to impulse  the rotation  of the turbine wheel   and  drive   the   high-speed  rotation  of   the  coaxial compressor  wheel which brings the compressed  fresh air into the engine cylinder to enhance the air charge of the cylinder so as to inject  more fuel  into  the cylinder  which  increase8  the power of the diesel engine

s of Turbocharger


Turbocharger  does not consume effective power produced  by the diesel engine while at the same time may increase engine power and mechanical efficiency by 30% and 10% respectively without  great  structural  changes  in  order  to add the vehicle torque, enhance  the power performance and increase  the load capacity.

Therefore it has high economic efficiency.


Turbocharger reduces  vehicle  exhaust  emissions  to reach  the

standards of Euro 11 and Euro 111.


The lower atmosphere pressure in high altitude  area results in less air input to the engine which  will lead to significantly lower power ,     torque  decline , high

exhaust temperature , black smoke

and   other   problems.


After  installing  the   turbocharger,  it increases the air input so as to restore the power , control the black smoke etc.,




Installation of Turbocharger


To keep vertical the center line of the oil inlet and outlet in order to ensure smooth oil flowback.

To ensure that the pipelines from the air filter to the compressor,

from the compressor to the engine air inlet manifold ,  from  the turbocharger   and  engine  exhaust   manifold  be  well  sealed,

 otherwise they may cause oil spills and roaring sound.

When re­ installing the turbocharger, you shall replace the gasket of oil inlet and outlet  and air inlet and outlet  of the turbine housing box in order to ensure a good sealing. Do not  let any foreign matter enter the inlet and outlet systems of the turbocharger  or engine.

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